Welcome spring (and weeds)

by Svipser11. May 2013 18:08

Spring is finally here, and the heavens opened the gates and gave my garden some much needed rain! Everything is sprouting, flowering and turning green, including the weeds J


As I can finally start work in the garden, I expect the rate of finishing my knitting projects will slow down immensely. But I have managed to finish some things the past month.


First of Abate for Theodor. The last time I knit him something was last summer, so he was up for another hand knit garment from mom. This pattern is perfect for both girls and boys, the fit it great and the design is clever – I think this might fit him through the winter, fingers crossed!

The yarn is lovely for kids, Rasmilla Tykke Yndlingsgarn 50% cotton/50% wool, absolutely itch free!


Camomille is also done, and I have already been wearing this a lot. There will be more Camolilles in the future, it’s simple, but ohh so gorgeous and super customizable in size. I think a scarf size is next on the list, and maybe in a really hot pink...if I dare.

And Lauren, the lovely blue wonderful Lauren. I am so glad I gave this pattern a second chance, I love her!

The hanger says "I carry my burden with a smile"... 


Now I’m trying to finish some thick socks I started in January. Not that there is really any rush, since I wont need them until Fall :D Inglenook is their name, and they are slouchy, cabely, yummy house socks. I might buy some leather soles to stitch onto these when done, otherwise I think they will wear through quite quickly.


And last, I’m knitting a blanket. Ardor, couldn’t help but cast on for this when the pattern was published in the beginning of May. I have had this wool/cashmere yarn in my stash for quite a while, as I didn’t really like the texture of it, but I think it might work for this, we’ll see.





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