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2013-12-27Grey Finnsheep = Luxury knitting05
2013-12-25Handmade Christmas05
2013-11-09From June to November, a test knitting story 0None
2013-08-19Til en lille ny verdensborger0None
2013-06-14I knit a hat in June0None
2013-06-06Inglenook done. Inglenook gone.0None
2013-05-11Welcome spring (and weeds)0None
2013-04-09Rød er det nye Sort0None
2013-03-29Vi nærmer os0None
2013-03-28Rødt spisebord?05
2013-03-24I'll trade you snow for Spring05
2013-02-21Warm my feet, please0None
2013-02-13Umaro testing0None
2013-01-23Ella found a good home3None
2013-01-19Still snow on the ground0None
2013-01-18Acer goes to the Opera0None


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About Svipser


Wife of David. Mother of Mathias, Andreas and Theodor. Owner of pure bread Labrador Retriever Otto and co-owner of Rita the cat, that no one else wanted (thank God, cause we can’t live without her!).


I don’t just love to knit, I need to knit. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes other people benefit from my addiction, but usually what I knit is meant for me.


I’m waiting for my chance to make my own River Cottage, that’ll be the day. Until that happens, I will try to  make the best of my vegetable patch in the suburbs of Copenhagen.




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