Grey Finnsheep = Luxury knitting

by Svipser27. December 2013 21:04

Some weeks ago, I stumbled upon Woolgrey on etsy, I am so glad I did! Shortly thereafter I received 2 beautiful skeins of Lahja, which means gift in Finnish. And a gift it sure is. This yarn is amazing, soft, sturdy, delightful to the touch and an absolute DREAM to knit! When they say "Finnish luxury for knitters and spinners" it is nothing short of the truth.


I knew I had to knit a shawl with this yarn, and chose Peppernut by Bonnie Sennott, I was drawn to the mix of texture and lace (and a little by the name, which refers to a Christmas cookie :)






I love the finished shawl...and I absolutely hated knitting the nupps...I don't think I will ever knit nupps again! The patterns is perfect though, clear and with good charts, I highly recommend it.


Go now, visit Woolgrey and help preserve this special and wonderful breed of the Grey Finnsheep - I'll be back for more, I can only imagine knitting a sweater or cardigan with this yarn - Uhh joy!

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Handmade Christmas

by Svipser25. December 2013 12:17

A few hand knit presents made it under the tree this year - I especially enjoyed knitting for my cousins little girls!


Howlcat - a clever pattern that is both a cowl AND a hat! It's one of those patterns where you go "DOHH, off course, why didn't I think of that?" as soon as you see it. An easy fast knit, check out Alexandras site to get a grip on how to wear this thing :)

Since I was finally knitting for a girl, I off course chose RED as one of the colors, and for the other, pure luxury with Sweet Fiber Yarns Cashmerino Sock. This yarn is absolutely beautiful, and having 10% Cashmere oh so soft. Wouldn't you like to have a little Cashmere lining your hat and cowl? I even threw in a little sparkle silver thread...I need more girls to knit for, I need more sparkle and pinks, yellows and reds!




(I love this picture, it reminds me of an octopus for some reason!)





Cashmere and reds for big sister Yumi and Alpaca grey fluff for little sister Tilda. I know that Tildas hat won't keep it's shape or stretch for long, but since they are only up here in the cold for a short while, I went ahead anyway, if it grows out of shape in a couple of weeks it doesn't matter, it will have served it's purpose.


(Yes, that is more silver glitter you see in the pom pom, Muahahaha!)

I usually choose not to write about crap yarn (there are so many lovely yarns to write about, why choose the bad?), but I will make an exception in this case. Puno by Gepard Garn, is not worth spending your hard earned money on.  Yes it is soft, yes it has good yardage, but it will grow out of control, it sheds like crazy, and it has very little structure/memory so whatever you choose to knit will be bent out of shape in no time.


I seem to be developing a habit of knitting my Brother in Law a hat for Christmas, and this year the pattern I chose was Scrollwork by Irina Dmitrieva. It looks super complicated, but it's really fun to knit and has good charts - I highly recommend it. The yarn is French and comes from PoloandCo and so very lovely! Rustic, authentic, minimally processed and gorgeous natural coloring, I LOVE this yarn and it's perfect for this pattern.


I even convinced David to model it for some pics! 



The smallest Christmas gift in 2013 was the Flat Rat bookmark for my Father in Law. Ever since I first laid eyes on this I knew I would have to make it some day! Check out Susan's blog post- I love it!




I call him Ralf the Rat. The body is made of Holst Noble, which has a little cashmere in it, and the nose and eyes are 100% baby camel from - how's that for a fancy rodent?


My lovely, super creative, super knit worthy Sister in Law got the most unique Christmas present of all this year. Unique because I came up with pattern (which is super simple, and nothing special really) and unique because of the yarn combo. I think this gift is my favorite one this year, because no one else on the planet will ever be able to make a pair like it, it is a true one of a kind pair of mitts!


This summer, I went away on a super romantic get away with David, to this Castle ...we stayed in the best room, which is located in the top of the tower, you see nothing but blue skies and trees!



(Me, checking if this is heaven, while having coffee and cake overlooking the park...)



Anyway, while there, we visited this tiny idyllic little town called Nyord, and they have a tiny little shop for groceries etc and YARN! (imagine my excitement) The owner has Angora rabbits and she makes the most gorgeous, soft, non shedding angora yarn I have ever come across. I took this angora loveliness and paired it with Mandy's Corrie Sock   resulting in a grey fluffy mitt with ever so delicate undertones of some kind of pink tint. Can't really capture it in pics, but I tried :)






Now, back to selfish knitting!

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From June to November, a test knitting story

by Svipser9. November 2013 15:02


Wow, no posts since August – It’s not that I haven’t knitted anything, on the contrary, I have done a heap of knitting!


One of the things that have taken a lot of my knitting time, has been lending my services as a test knitter. For those of you who don’t have a clue about what that is – let me explain. When brilliant clever people (= designers) come up with a new pattern, they often ask the help of test knitters (= just a tad bit less brilliant and clever people, like yours truly)


We then get the pattern before it is published, knit the pattern, giving our two senses along the way, weeding out typos, sometimes giving suggestions for different wording, checking instructions, yardage etc. are correct. When we are done, the designer takes all our feedback, and adjusts any errors etc.


Nifty isn’t it J


Now, this is a free service, and we get only the honor, appreciation and experience out of it – it’s fun, rewarding and interesting. We see the designs before everyone else and give something back to the wonderful world of knitting – so what more could you want really?


I have recently  test knitted 2 patterns for Gabrielle aka Danskknit on Ravelry

Lacy & The Leaves



And Aquazzone 


Both blankets, both lovely!


The first still lives with me, as I can’t seem to part with it, the second how ever has gone to a little girl named Marie for her dolls :)


Then came the Stripes Button Top Pullover for Amy Grace aka twogirls on Ravelry. I already had Bertram in mind as a receiver when I signed up for this test – and he looks SO cute in it!


 I adore this pattern, so much so that when asked, I actually agreed to knit another one for Marie.


Listen people, I don’t knit patterns twice, ever, but I did with this one – and I might even do it again! If you are looking for a cute baby/toddler pattern, let me recommend this one.  And you can use scraps for stripes,  who doesn’t have loads and loads of scraps that need a purpose?

Last of the test knits, for now,  is Flax by tincanknits – and this is really cool, because it’s a free pattern, perfect for the first time sweater knitter! It’s packed with tutorials, so even a new knitter will be able to knit this, with patience and perseverance. Another awesome thing about this pattern is that the sizes run from newborn to 4XL, this will fit absolutely anyone you choose to knit for!



I won’t sign up for any more test knitting this year, I have to many things I want to knit for me and mine – but next year J




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by Svipser26. August 2013 16:17


One technic that I don’t master yet is fair isle knitting. I want too, SO BADLY, because I adore all the fair isle patterns out there and I am amazed at my fellow knitters ability to make them look even more amazing when putting there own spin on them.

If you want to master something, you will most likely have to practice, a lot. So I decided to knit a sweater with a little color work on it – Katie is her name


Turned out pretty good! Only the yarn grows a lot, so it’s almost a size bigger than it was supposed to be after blocking... Still, I’m gonna wear it with pride, and have the ultimate layering sweater for Fall, which is rapidly approaching!






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Til en lille ny verdensborger

by Svipser19. August 2013 17:49

Endelig kan den afsløres, denne skønne lille sag af en vest!




Den hedder Rigmor og er første design (af forhåbentlig mange!) af Sidse aka Mumu knits – jeg elsker det lille mønster, en drøm at strikke og hvem kan stå for en baby iført sådan en sag?


Heldigvis kendte jeg en mave som gemte på en lille pige J Tillykke med fødselsdagen Esther-Marie og tillykke til Mor Marianne, Far Simon og til storesøstrene  Josefine og Fiona.


Det er faktisk Fionas skyld at jeg kender hendes mor, for vi startede i mødre gruppe sammen dengang Theodor og Fiona hyggede sig i vores maver. Det er nu over 6 år siden (!!) Mage til en skønnere flok kvindfolk skal man lede længe efter, og jeg har heldigvis stadig mange af dem på Facebook.


Jeg holder meget af at følge med i jeres og ungernes liv på sidelinjen og kan helt savne verdens bedste mødre gruppe BK April 07!


I knit a hat in June

by Svipser14. June 2013 21:44

Who knits a worsted weight hat in June? Well me I guess! I couldn't help myself, I had to knit this hat, had to.

Gosh, he is so gorgeous, I can't believe he is my child! Theodor loves his warrior hat, David wants an adult version..

And the serous warrior look

The pattern is called Tvebak, and is from the fantastic book The Little Nordic Collection by Amimono - they where inspired by Astrid Lingren and her beautiful stories. I remember the one with Tvebak in it "Mio min Mio" I wept while reading it as a child.

Uhh! Someone took a picture of me for a change, look!

 Me, June 2013


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Inglenook done. Inglenook gone.

by Svipser6. June 2013 19:19



I enjoyed knitting them, but the finished socks are…blah. The design is too wide, I would slide around in them, and that’s not comfortable. So they are going home with my Dad, to wait for Fall, they fit him great!


(I actually finished these just days after posting on the blog that there was no rush...maybe that’s the key to finishing projects in 2’s?)



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Welcome spring (and weeds)

by Svipser11. May 2013 18:08

Spring is finally here, and the heavens opened the gates and gave my garden some much needed rain! Everything is sprouting, flowering and turning green, including the weeds J


As I can finally start work in the garden, I expect the rate of finishing my knitting projects will slow down immensely. But I have managed to finish some things the past month.


First of Abate for Theodor. The last time I knit him something was last summer, so he was up for another hand knit garment from mom. This pattern is perfect for both girls and boys, the fit it great and the design is clever – I think this might fit him through the winter, fingers crossed!

The yarn is lovely for kids, Rasmilla Tykke Yndlingsgarn 50% cotton/50% wool, absolutely itch free!


Camomille is also done, and I have already been wearing this a lot. There will be more Camolilles in the future, it’s simple, but ohh so gorgeous and super customizable in size. I think a scarf size is next on the list, and maybe in a really hot pink...if I dare.

And Lauren, the lovely blue wonderful Lauren. I am so glad I gave this pattern a second chance, I love her!

The hanger says "I carry my burden with a smile"... 


Now I’m trying to finish some thick socks I started in January. Not that there is really any rush, since I wont need them until Fall :D Inglenook is their name, and they are slouchy, cabely, yummy house socks. I might buy some leather soles to stitch onto these when done, otherwise I think they will wear through quite quickly.


And last, I’m knitting a blanket. Ardor, couldn’t help but cast on for this when the pattern was published in the beginning of May. I have had this wool/cashmere yarn in my stash for quite a while, as I didn’t really like the texture of it, but I think it might work for this, we’ll see.





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Rød er det nye Sort

by Svipser9. April 2013 18:52

Det har været færdigt i over 1 uge, men det tog mig nogenlunde samme mængde dage at regne ud hvornår lyset var hvor det skulle være for at få et ordentligt billede!


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Vi nærmer os

by Svipser29. March 2013 12:48

Endelig skal vi til det sjove!!

I like it, I like it!!

Nu skal vi så bare vente 8 timer til det kan få 2. gang - Det blir' malet i aften, kan slet ikke vente til det kommer på plads i køkkenet! 


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